about our sponsor.

This company is funded by the SUMMER COMPANY program offered by the Halton Region. This grant and mentorship program gives youth in the area the opportunity to learn skills such as what it takes to run a business and be a young entrepneur and so much more, which they are then able to take into the real world! Find out more at: https://www.ontario.ca/page/start-summer-company-students

Smells just like a box of chocolates! Love the way it makes my skin feel after every use!

about the creator.

Hi I'm Anna, founder and creator of Lemon and Honey Skincare here in Oakville. At the age of five, I began to develop dry patches accompanied by soreness and scaring throughout my whole body, and after following multiple regimes and using several different skin creams and ointments, it was brought to my doctor's and family's attention that the only things that my skin was responding to were natural ingredients.

Since then I have always been interested in how our bodies tend to react to creams, soaps and anything else that they come in contact with causing the inspiration for my hopeful future start-up company- Lemon and Honey. Lemon and Honey is rooted in the ideals that treating your skin a certain way can reflect on the rest of your body. I hand make all of natural skin creams, bath bombs, candles, soaps, scrubs and much more in order to help better educate people about the things that they are putting on their skin, and hopefully substituting for other chemically enhanced skin care products and fragrances.

I create all of the products listed in my home in Oakville, as well as partially selling the products at local farmers markets, on an online platform such as Instagram, and hopefully in the future on this website. This ensures that all products are handmade, and the ingredients are easily traced and commonly known, ensuring that customers are able to trust in the things that they are putting on their skin.